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                                                            WRITING  RESOURCES

             I'll keep adding to this list, and if you come across anything that should be on it, email me and I'll post it.

              These are resources I regularly read and study. Some may not be useful to you now, but you never know! 




                                                            BLOGS AND PUBLICATIONS



Comment: Blunt, some profanity, but I’ve gotten some good advice from him.







Manuscript Wish List - Blog and Site


I get the blog feed, and read the site. This is a fantastic place for NEW agents looking for clients, or agents that are excellent and open to submissions. Lots of YA, speculative fiction, MG, women’s fiction, science fiction, fantasty, literary, etc.



Great site on general lit



Publisher’s Weekly

All about trends, articles, business of writing, what books are best sellers, numbers of books sold, and a column of NEW DEALS that agents have struck, with it’s own code about the price it sold for. I think they’ve made it free during the Virus; it’s usually $200+ per year or more. I get it, and I’m going to try to put in a link to the free version. Here’s a digital link. Let me know if it doesn’t work. When you land on this page, go back to home, or try other departments and pages.













                                    BOOKS: YOUR WRITING LIBRARY


Editing Books: (I use first two; if I were doing news-related writing, I would get #3)


Comment: At least one of these is necessary for your writing library. I would recommend Strunk and White, but only because we used that one in JR High and High School.


Three most important books on basic craft:













Great site for mystery enthusiasts. Fascinating articles



If you are an aspiring mystery writer, you can be an associate member of the Mystery Writers of America (MWA).




International Thriller Writers (ITW):


They put on an incredible summertime (July) conference during which they have every famous thriller and mystery writer in the world there, helping newbies. They give their time, they help you refine a pitch, they have classes, panels. It’s a bit pricey, but if there’s one thing you should go to, try the summer Thrillerfest. Now it’s online, and the prices have dropped, and you can get a package where you can listen to all the various panels with great writers like Steve Berry and Lee Childs etc – and go up and talk to them afterwards. They all help. It’s like a code of honor to help new thriller, mystery, or crime/cozies.


One thing you will notice about mystery and thriller writers at both Mystery Writers and Thriller Writers is that they are extraordinary friendly and helpful. No one’s stuck up. They’ve all worked years to perfect their craft and they are happy to help newbies move along. MWA also has monthly meetings where top agents are invited, etc., and they invite MWA members to send in queries (even though their sites may say they’re not accepting submissions) if you put MWA MEMBER, or ITW MEMBER, in the subject line. (Don’t do it if you’re not a member or associate member)!
















                                                GREAT GENERAL BOOKS ON WRITING:







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