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                        FREE UPCOMING 


                                     Tues   NOV 10     7-9 PM(Purple Group)

                       Weds NOV 11     7-9 PM (Yellow Group)

Note: Purple and Yellow Groups are the same lesson; a second section was added to reduce each class size so there's more individual participation.


             Are you starting your first novel?  Fighting writer's block? Do you need a kick in the creative pants?  Are you sinking in the swamp of the Dreaded Book Middle?


            Beginner or experienced, this MEETUP class is for you.  (You can sign up at

            And it's FREE. All my classes are. No gimmicks. No ads. No sales.

            Students are encouraged to submit a few pages, or a chapter, of their writing ahead of each monthly class. I read it and critique, and we discuss and critique in class. (Note: You don't HAVE to submit anything! Just listening is fine, or just starting is even better.)

        Good writing is good storytelling. A good story hooks the reader with the first sentence and won’t let go until the end. Story is Structure, not Spew, so we constantly cover the basics of writing: Structure. Plot. Theme. Creating compelling characters. Snappy dialogue. Beats, scenes, chapters. Outlines. Point of view. Attribution. Dynamite Opening Lines. These skills apply to all genres: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mystery/Suspense, Romance, Horror, YA, Middle-Grade, and more.

            I have been teaching two free Songwriter Intensive classes for almost 4 years. They're now on Zoom. After many requests, I started this creative fiction writing class. This is the fourth monthly class. Take them all, or drop in when you can. Both yellow and purple classes are the same lesson; I broke up the big group into two sessions so we can spend more time on each person's writing.


            Everyone's at a different stage in their writing journey. All are welcome.


             Participate as much or as little as you like. It's a safe space for you to create, learn, and soak up energy from fellow writers, and try out new ideas.

           I hope to see you there.


                                                          To RSVP:



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